Saturday, April 18, 2015

On the Horizon

Back in my college days I took my photo obsession to a new level and started a Photography Business
One of my absolute fav shots ever. Bixby OK Circa 2006
called Making Memories. Boy did I have a blast and was really making a name for myself and then? Well... the Hubs and I got married and moved to Oklahoma and I didn't really want to start all over so I dabbled here and there honing my skills, upgrading cameras, following photogs I admired etc. In 2008 we moved back home and in 2010 we became parents to a beautiful boy whom to this day we say is probably the most photographed child ever (at least in our family). Since then I've been photographing my boys and others when requested. Recently one of my closest confidants started egging me on to dust off the ole business cards and start anew. 
One of my most recent orders so cool right?!?!
For the past 5 years I've been a "Professional" Baker/Decorator. The Hubs nicknamed me The Cake Chick and well.... it kinda stuck. I've built my little home business from begging anyone and everyone to give me a chance to make their treats to literally having to turn down orders because I'm simply booked up already. It's amazing and I cannot even begin to thank everyone who has supported me over the years. But the ugly truth about the Cake Biz is that it's time consuming, messy (literally) and there's not much profit in it. An accountant friend of mine has been pushing me for years to really write down all my expenses and the hours I've spent "caking" as the Hubs likes to call it. I always refuse knowing in my heart I would be devastated to know just how little I'm actually putting in the bank. People will say "why don't you just charge more?" " your quality of work is amazing and your prices should reflect that". If I charged what I really should I wouldn't have any clients it is what it is.

Money isn't everything and that high I get from the squeals of delight after seeing my creations is pretty frigg'n awesome but when you're a SAHM looking to make a little extra cash so that your Shopping Binge Necessity Trip to Target doesn't mean Ramen Noodles for dinner all month. Ok that's me being dramatic but you get the point.

Me? I'm at that halfway point some projects are just so awesome it doesn't matter that I've worked all day creating edible art and staying up past midnight cleaning the kitchen isn't so bad....sometimes. Lately, life's been busy and I've had other passions pulling me away. God's hand works in mysterious ways and even though my heart tells me that I don't need to shut 'er down just yet maybe there's a new chapter on the horizon that means less cleaning up (any parent would be thankful for that right?), more time with my family, a little less stress and a whole lot more profit in the bank. 

End point? Caking is a business that you have to love doing so much that the money/time aspect just doesn't matter.

So we'll see what happens jlovelady photography sure has a nice ring to it though ;o).



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  1. Hey girl! Yes, it was all shot at Stony Point. Thank you! (for some reason it wouldn't let me reply to your comment.)