Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mommy Sanity: Pick 2

Well here's my first post on the new blog. This week I as I was setting up a play date with one of my closest Mommy confidants ( a fellow boy Mom) via text the convo went a little like this:

I know you've probably seen this before and isn't it God's Given truth right there in a simple drawing? I'm not going to show you my messy house you don't want to see that any more than I want to look at it or see yours lol. I mean I found a booger smear on our duvet today really?!?! When the heck did that happen? 

Here's my little secret to success usually about an hour or so before the Hubs gets home I upgrade my PJ's to a pair of yoga pants and a semi decent t-shirt, make our bed (ok ok straighten the sheets and duvet) and sometimes I even have time to wash the dishes from the day. The Hubs? He's kinda awesome and even though I know he'd rather see us all happy and the house destroyed I feel like I accomplished something. I do not however even attempt to pick up the toys until the boys' bed time which they are supposed to help with. We all know that's not even remotely worth the attempt. Moral of this week's post? Do what you can to feel sane even if it means putting Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on for an hour or so or all day.

Also get a Mommy friend who parents like you and has the same interests. They are worth their weight in gold. Well MacKinzie's worth more than that she's that skinny adorable mom everyone wants to hate but just can't. See ya next week.